Molecular Simulation

Faunus is a scientific software written in modern C++/Python for simulating molecular systems at multiple length and time scales. Over two decades we have kept up with the C++ standard and is now at C++17.

Contribution: Creator and development lead.

Ancient Plotting

Xmgr is an ancient but still popular GUI tool for plotting scientific data. It was utterly abandoned until we resurrected the code base.

Contribution: CMake build system; bug fixes; and support for 64-bit systems; Macports recipe.

Compiler Backend Development

LLVM-MOS supports the MOS Technology 65xx series of microprocessors and enables C, C++, Rust compilers on a series of 8-bit computers.

Contribution: memory layout for the MEGA65 and Commander X16 targets; (dis)assembly for 65CE02 CPU derivatives. See all PR’s here and here.


Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL)

Rust HAL for MOS Technology graphics and sound chips using memory-mapped I/O. This includes FFI bindings to mega65-libc.

Contribution: Creator and development lead. Mega65-libc contributions here.

Rust on Espressif ESP Micro-controllers

We have made contributions to the esp-idf-hal crate for running Rust on Espressif’s ESP family of micro-controllers.

Contribution: Refactoring of RGB color handling.

Graphics Display Driver

We maintain a library for display drivers for graphics on extremely restricted systems using the embedded-graphics crate.

Contribution: Creator and development lead.

Hardware Remote Control via HTTP and Serial Communications

Ultimate64 is a CLI for communicating with Ultimate 64/II+ hardware via HTTP requests. Matrix65 is a modern text user-interface (TUI) for serial communication with the MEGA65 computer. Both tools are written in Rust .

Contribution: Creator and development lead.