Revive and Survive

Our mission is to breathe life into legacy code, ensuring longevity in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. We specialise in crafting maintainable, mission-critical, and secure software solutions. We don’t just refactor; we revive, ensuring that your software stands the test of time.

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At Code Revival Lab, our expertise extends into the realms of scientific and technical software, with a specialized focus on high-performance applications. We thrive in crafting solutions for restricted and embedded systems, ensuring efficiency even in resource-constrained environments. We excel in languages crucial to modern software development, including Rust, C/C++, and Python.

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We assist to strengthen and vitalise your software. We also aid in starting up small to mid-sized projects and offer general consultancy in software engineering.

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Code Revival

Comprehensive analysis and enhancement of legacy code written in C, C++, and Python. Integration of modern practices to extend the lifespan and functionality of existing codebases.

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Migration and Translation

Complete rewriting and translation of code into Rust or modern C++ to enhance performance, reliability, and maintainability.

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In-depth code refactoring to improve readability, scalability, and overall code quality. We follow best practices and recommendations for your given language using linting tools and static analysis.